Faux Stone Accessories So Gorgeous, You’ll Think They’re Natural

There are a lot of things about polymer clay that I find fascinating. One of the aspects that fuels my passion to innovate and create new collections is polymer clay’s versatility. Polymer clay can be sculpted into literally anything that the imagination can dream. This could be fun and bright patterns that are obviously man made or custom designs for a specific style. However, one of my favorite things to do with polymer clay is to make faux stones. 

When using a medium like polymer clay, you can achieve the same exact look as natural stone but without the weight. Rich earthy tones and warm accents course through these pieces with a deep intensity that gives them their natural-appearing character. Plus, this method allows me to design any stone I desire in the exact shape and size that’s needed - something that can’t always be done with natural materials. Not only that, but creating polymer clay faux stones allows me to conserve natural resources and reduce waste without my customers sacrificing on style or trends.

The lightweight nature of polymer clay means that these stones won’t weigh you down. If you don’t like the feeling of a heavy pair of earrings tugging on your earlobes all day, then you’ll absolutely adore this gorgeous option. Natural looking veins, perfect shading, flecks of colors, and even varying opacity make faux stone accessories an identical twin to their natural inspiration. From amethyst to turquoise and everything in between, faux stone polymer clay pieces are an environmentally-friendly solution to the gorgeous natural stone accessories you love. 

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