The New Neutral: Why You Need To Add Neon Yellow To Your Closet!

Want to add a bold color to your dress-up? Try our new favorite hue, neon yellow.

We looove neon yellow here at By Chavelli—especially neon yellow earrings! Beyond it's use as 80's nostalgia, we love it's modern day versatility: bright for summer, cool and icy for winter and honestly pairs well with almost everything. In fact we like to think of it as our new neutral

Effortlessly pair it with other colors or make it pop alongside black, grey and beige. Whether you like to make daring statements or play it safe, it's a personality forward color that will add vibrance to your look. 

Why We Love Neon Yellow

It's Bold and Vibrant!

Our outfits are one of the foremost ways we express ourselves and the boldness of neon reflects a fun confidence!

Bright and flashy neon yellow can be the highlight of your outfit or a surprise element. If you wanna start small, level up your fashion game with a small peep of neon yellow on a pair of earrings, a thin belt or eye-catching patent stiletto pumps.

Any Season, Any Reason

One of the best things about this color? Neon yellow works anytime, no matter the season. In summer, it's great with your white shorts or light dresses. It fits in naturally with the sunshine and energy of springtime. In autumn, use it to elevate muted fall colors—it works so well as a foil to gemtones. Come winter, icy neon yellow really shines against the snow and against a sea of dark clothing. 

It Plays Well with Others

Neon yellow adds a trendy twist to other colors too. Pair it with soft pastels for a playful contrast or with royal blue for a chic statement. Neon yellow with grey gives you a classic urbanite vibe, and an edgy appeal when combined with black for a high contrast look. 

Here are some other color combinations we love!

Neon Yellow and Green. Refreshing and harmonious: When combined with a spectrum of greens, the intensity of neon yellow is diminished a bit, almost like it's part of a monochromatic palette. It's no longer just a striking highlight, but part of an ensemble—perfect if you're just starting to dabble with the color.

Neon Yellow with Beige. Unexpected elegance! In this combination, the vividness of yellow is tempered by the earthy, soothing beige, creating a look that is simultaneously classic, vibrant and balanced.

Neon Yellow and Lavender, the By Chavelli combo! This color fusion is a dance of opposites, where the intensity of neon yellow is gracefully balanced by the tranquil lavender—striking and harmonious.

In fact, our brand colors here at By Chavelli feature this pairing of dynamic neon yellow and the gentle hue of lavender. A lovely representation of our brand's essence. Neon yellow brings a burst of energy and vibrancy, symbolizing our passion for creativity and self-expression. In contrast, the soft, serene lavender infuses a sense of elegance, reflecting the care and craft we put into each piece of our jewelry.

How to Wear Neon Yellow

A Fun Accessory: Neon Yellow Bags

A neon yellow bag can lift your entire look, whether an office bag by day or a party accessory by night. The great thing about a neon yellow bag is that you buy one and wear it in so many ways, from neutral clothes to a patterned outfit where it can pull out other hues of yellow. It's a low commitment way to start get on board with the trend and start to experiment!

Small Pops of Impactful Color: Neon Yellow Earrings

Neon yellow earrings add that unexpected twinkle to your look, whether subtle studs or dramatic statement earrings. Yes, never underestimate the power of a small pair of earrings! Since they sit by the sides of your face they highlight your unique features and eyes, which is always a bonus.

Even small neon yellow earrings can make a plain outfit interesting or complete a color blocked look. Not to mention they can be the best bang for your buck in terms of adding the color to your closet. 

Color Blocking: A Neon Yellow Statement Look

Color blocking is combining big contrasting panels of solid colors to create a striking look. A neon yellow item, like a skirt or a blazer, paired with a contrasting block of color, like deep blue or crisp white. It always looks fashion forward and gets people's attention. The perfect next step once you're comfortable rocking the color!

Embrace the Limelight: Go Bold in Head to Toe Neon!

For those who dare to make an unforgettable impression, embracing an all-neon ensemble is a surefire way to become the meaning of a walking fashion statement!

Thierry Mugler neon suit
Thierry Mugler

Think of neon yellow as more than a just trend; it's a style statement that reflects your zest for life, even when used sparingly. I like to think of it as a bit of a mood booster too. The best part? It's surprisingly easy to pull off! And, once you own a couple of neon yellow items, it's a breeze to add some brilliance to your regular outfits.

Make your attire distinctive, and get people talking with a little touch of neon yellow. I always find that wearing one of By Chavelli's neon yellow statement earrings is a conversation starter at parties. It's a quick way to make a strong impression and maybe even connect with others who appreciate the hue!

Begin this vibrant color journey simply by getting a pair of neon yellow earrings like some of the ones below from By Chavelli. They're lightweight, comfy for all-day wear, and can inject a lively contrast to your look. Above all, they can be your first step into embracing this powerfully expressive color. 

Check out some Neon Yellow By Chavelli earrings!