Some kind words from real customers!

“Love, love, love! I have purchased several pairs of earrings and each are unique pieces of art. They are light in weight and comfortable to wear all day. I always get compliments on the earrings my work video calls. So, I bought more and gave them as gifts—I needed to share the love!”

- Theresa T.

“Chavelli's earrings are so collectible and addictive!! I just love how feather-light the material is—super easy to wear and to travel around with.”

- Julie Q.

“I couldn’t love these earrings more. They’re so thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed. I am in awe that Chavelli made these by hand!”

- Alexandra J.

“Loved making the subtle yet powerful message with my socially conscience statement earrings. Beautiful!”

- Diane Majors

“There is too much to say about Chavelli and her wearable works of art. Her creations are incredibly unique and beautiful but also very easy to wear—even the big pieces (of which I have many). She’s also incredibly nice and easy to talk with and very willing to work on commissioned pieces. I recommend her shop to everyone and if I had to rate her on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being outstanding, I’d hands down give her a 12 :)”

- Katie W.

“I am super impressed with all of the pieces I've received. I love the style of all the pieces, which are very elegant (but still have a bit of edge). They were impeccably finished (with all the rings very precisely aligned, the clay drilled very neatly), much better than some of the clay pieces I've bought locally or elsewhere.

One of my piercings have stretched, and I sometimes need surgical tape to support heavier earrings. The weightlessness of all my Chavelli pieces make them super comfortable, and I can wear them all day every day. I own a handful of pieces, and can't wait to get more! They go with every single outfit, whether dressing up or down.”

- Howai Chan

“Absolutely love my earrings by Chavelli! They really are wearable art, and I get comments and compliments every time I wear them. I bought several pairs not only for myself, but also for friends over the holidays. They make great gifts, and my friends loved them. I was able to select each one to match the recipient's style. Can't wait for the next collection to drop!”

- Valerie Z.

Super flattering—and knowing profits went to a good cause is great.”

- L. Schultz

“The earrings I have from Chavelli are the only earrings I can wear all day without my ears hurting, they are so light! They go with every outfit - you can dress them up, or dress them down! I can't wait for the new ones to come out!”

- J. Boston

“I was thrilled to be able to find the perfect gift in these earrings for a friend of mine. She both loves how beautiful and lightweight they are and also the important message inscribed on them that Chavelli so lovingly hand lettered.”

- Jane B.

“I LOVE that the owner and creator of the products is a female that runs her own small business. The pieces are beautiful and match the pictures that are on the website. I feel confident and feminine when I wear the jewelry. Love the products!”

- Emily J.

“When I heard Chavelli was launching an Italian Marble collection, I knew I needed a piece from it! I work in design and construction so spend a lot of time reviewing and discussing materials with industry professionals, and I am amazed and how accurately Chavelli is able to replicate the look of stone and marble using her clay techniques. The terrazzo earrings I purchased are gorgeous, light weight, and so unique. My design friends love them, and they are perfect to wear to industry events - and also something no one else has!”

- Megan. W

“Highly recommended. Premium quality and true to size.”

- Roy R.

“Love my new earrings! Sturdy yet so light they don’t weigh down my ears. Got tons of compliments!”

- E.