Watermelon Slice Necklace

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Three watermelon halves make up this cute necklace that perfectly matches the other watermelon pieces in the Fruit Salad collection. Perfect for flirty dresses, beach, bbq or boat attire! Or wear it boldly on a hot summer date.

Designed and produced in-house, using pearly, frosted and mirrored acrylic and hand-stained wood to achieve a unique look.

Each half measures 1.7" wide x 0.9" tall (43mm x 23mm). While the necklace is designed so the watermelons sit below your collarbone, the total chain length is about 16" long with an extender so you can clasp it precisely to your desired position. 

Each original design crafted in the By Chavelli studio, then carefully assembled by hand.

Due to the hand-made nature of these pieces, yours may look slightly different from what is shown.

By Chavelli pieces are made to last! Though like any other piece of jewelry they still need care.

In-stock orders ship within 2-3 business days.

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Every piece is designed and made by hand in our NYC studio. These pieces are crafted in acrylic, pairing it with hand-stained wood, resins and other materials to give a multi-faceted look.

Meticulously Designed

Our acrylic accessories are designed from the ground up, beginning as a sketch, then a digital drawing used to prototype and laser cut in-house. Each piece is then assembled by hand to create a stunning polished accessory.


Eschewing fast fashion, all pieces are made to last, and are responsibly made, minimizing waste where possible. Our process is small in scale and promotes artistry over mass production.

I couldn’t love these earrings more. They’re so thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed.

Alexandra J.